Each Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Love Horoscope From Now To June 2

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To love is to live, and to live is to love. That’s the eccentric energy of this week, between May 27 – June 2, 2024, in matters of the heart. But before we look at the weekly love horoscopes for each zodiac sign, here are the general love messages of the week for everyone.

First of all, we kick off this week with the Moon in Capricorn’s relationship with the Sun in Gemini influencing us in romance. It reminds us that love may begin with a flash of attraction or recognition on any odd day and then progress to something fun and lively, but underneath it all, if you want a forever kind of love, you must still recognize who is capable of building a forever with you and who is not.

There’s nothing wrong with flirting for the short haul and just having fun as long as all individuals agree to that dynamic and are not blindsided by lies or concealment. But Moon in Capricorn (and eventually Moon in Aquarius and Pisces as the week progresses) urges us to be honest with ourselves about what we want. After all, negative peer pressure can impact romance too.

Finally, with Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius standing out as a major force influencing love behind the scenes this week, we are encouraged to go with the law of the averages. If what you are experiencing can only be positive and healthy in rare cases, don’t rule out the possibility that your relationship may not be one of those rare ones. Pluto does not play around with toxicity and would like us to be truly aware so we aren’t taken advantage of by the unscrupulous. Now, let’s take a look at the weekly love horoscopes for every zodiac sign for May 27 – June 2.

Weekly love horoscopes for May 27 – June 2:


Best day for love: June 2

Key to Love: Confounding expectations

Aries, the energy of love this week for you is all about recognizing who you are within and whether you align with your current environment or not. If you are single, there may be blocks to love in your social circles. Maybe even old beliefs that won’t hold much weight under scrutiny. If you are in a relationship, perhaps you are lugging all the burdens with no help from your significant other. Don’t turn a blind eye to what is essential for your soul’s well-being. Love begins from the self, but being surrounded by loving people is also important.

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Best day for love: May 29

Key to Love: Self-love

Taurus, romantic love is not just about the big gestures and the creative date nights. It’s more about showing up for each other in whatever way counts and growing together through each day, year, and a lifetime (if you have that). But you cannot do the latter successfully if you and your partner struggle with self-esteem issues, have deep soul wounds, or don’t engage in self-care and self-love. That’s the love message for you this week – don’t forget yourself and your internal world because they will always impact your romance.

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Best day for love: May 28

Key to Love: Empathy & care

Gemini, whether romance is on the cards for you or not is a question only you can answer now. The energy this week is like a blank slate for you. If you choose to pursue love, the way forward will emerge. If you choose not to, cosmic currents will accommodate that too. So set your intentions! Some of you will benefit from meditating with a guided visualization track that helps you understand what you truly want in love and the kind of partner who is exactly right for you and your soul’s growth.

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Best day for love: May 27

Key to Love: Stillness

Cancer, let no one say that you don’t have a heart! The energy of love this week for you is all about recognizing that it’s perfectly alright to need alone time and feel low or introverted on some days. If someone takes it as an affront to them, that’s sad because everyone experiences this. Just make sure you communicate your needs enough while setting those boundaries without over-explaining yourself. Then cherish the time you spend by yourself. That’s how you will bring new energy to your romance the next week.

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Best day for love: May 27

Key to Love: Dancing & entertainment

Leo, don’t murder the most beautiful facets of yourself just because someone you only met a few days back (or a few months ago) thinks there’s something weird about you. As long as you are not making excuses for problematic behavior, your unique facets are a healthy part of the world and its diversity. Isn’t that why we choose to fall in love? You want to know if someone is exciting and will introduce us to more facets of the world. You are not too much or too little. They are just not right for you. That’s your love message for this week.

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Best day for love: May 27

Key to Love: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Virgo, the energy of love for you this week has a beautiful and poignant quality to it. Put your love wishes out in the ether and you will find them coming back to you in more beautiful ways than you could have expected. You are also encouraged to be open-hearted and show your love through your actions and words. Maybe even confess your feelings… but in a beautiful and sweet manner, like writing a love note or sending a cake with a quirky message piped on the top.

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Best day for love: May 27

Key to Love: Parents & elders

Libra, patience is a virtue in all areas of life. But it’s not a virtue if you are waiting for someone to change and become worthy of being in a relationship with or treat you better. You are encouraged to engage with the elders in your family and social circles and learn more about their romantic lives when they were young. Even if they are not completely forthcoming, they will still reveal important nuggets of wisdom that will help you in the current phase of your love life.

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Best day for love: May 29

Key to Love: Your self

Scorpio, to love is to be willing to be vulnerable with another. So don’t be in a hurry to lock in with just about anyone in this way. If someone else tries to rush you, too, that’s a red flag. There’s a reason why they say that we should allow love and romance to develop more organically. It can feel ruthless otherwise to open up to someone who is still very much a stranger and realize that they couldn’t care less about your past, present, or future, or even what you experienced in life – good or bad. That’s your love message for this week. Take it slow and choose yourself first.

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Best day for love: June 1

Key to Love: Road trips

Sagittarius, you are a beautiful soul with big dreams. Don’t hide that part of yourself when you engage with someone romantically. The right partner for you will always have a path that is aligned with yours. The wrong person will try to divert you away from your path to theirs because it’s more convenient for them that way. That’s your love message for this week. Also, explore more with your date or significant other – whether through hobbies, road trips, cultural exchanges, or something else.

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Best day for love: June 2

Key to Love: Dancing & old-world glamour

Capricorn, the energy of love this week for you has a heady quality to it. You may feel like you are under the influence of an aphrodisiac and embraced by something sweet. ‘Lavender Haze’ by Taylor Swift describes this perfectly. Lean into this energy, and you will discover where love can take you if you allow it to. But don’t forget your intuition along the way. You can introduce your romantic partner to something new, too!

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Best day for love: June 1

Key to Love: Doing nothing

Aquarius, it’s easy to hide from the world when it’s just you and your significant other (or new love). But the energy of love this week urges you to make time to get to know each other’s friends and family. Only the best ones, though! Why allow unhealthy relationships to ruin something beautiful? Striking a balance between alone time with your bae and fun times with others is also highlighted here. There’s a reason why they say that you shouldn’t completely forget your friends as soon as you are in a romantic relationship.

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Best day for love: May 30

Key to Love: Speaking plainly

Pisces, the energy of love for you this week is all about being patient. Sometimes, if you just wait and observe, you can figure out the true personality of the one you are with. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to see behind the mask and know if you are truly with the love of your life or with an imposter. And sometimes, speaking plainly and then observing can reveal this too. So be patient and you will finally be able to clear away your doubts and know if you can have a happily ever after with the one you are with.

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