Healey signs $375M bond bill for local transportation infrastructure projects

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BOSTON — With construction season already in full swing, Gov. Maura Healey Friday signed the $375 million municipal transportation infrastructure bond bill that the state’s 351 municipalities will share for local road, bridge and sidewalk projects.

The bill was passed quickly by both branches of government last month and placed on Healey’s desk. The governor signed the bill in a public ceremony in Melrose, where she was greeted by local officials.

The total package includes $200 million in Chapter 90 funding dispersed among the communities along traditional lines that are determined by road mileage, population and employment figures.

The bond includes a special carve-out of $175 million destined for distribution to address specific infrastructure issues. Six programs that are designed to improve accessibility to local public transportation as well as support regional transit authorities and improve safety for pedestrians and users of alternative transportation, including bicycles, scooters and even motorized skateboards, will each receive $25 million.

The state’s Rural Roads program, which allocates additional funding to the less developed areas of Massachusetts will be allocated $25 million from the special funding carve-out. Municipalities can apply for grant funding in all six programs through one portal.

The six programs are:

  • Municipal Pavement Program: Allocates grant money to municipalities for repairs, improvements and extension of pavement along state numbered routes.
  • Municipal Small Bridge Program: Focuses on preservation, reinforcement and replacement of a municipality’s smaller bridges and culverts.
  • Complete Streets Funding Program: Allows municipalities to select streets or neighborhoods for projects that increase safety for pedestrians and those using alternative transportation such as bicycles and scooters.
  • Municipal Bus Enhancement: Addresses infrastructure related to local bus routes, building bus shelters and designating bus lanes.
  • Mass Transit Access: Addresses access to transit hubs, including commuter rail stations and bus depots. Grant funding is available for communities to improve parking areas, passenger loading zones, bike storage and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Municipal RTA/EV Grant: Available for regional transit authorities to purchase electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them.

A review of the Chapter 90 allocations indicates Worcester will receive $4,151,464 for its transportation infrastructure. In Worcester County, Fitchburg will receive $1,106,434; Gardner, $595,266; Leominster, $1,125,568, and Southbridge, $490,528 for a total of $3,317,796.

In the Worcester & Middlesex District, represented by Sen. John Cronin, D-Lunenburg, municipalities will share a total of $5,576,543, with Fitchburg and Leominster each receiving more than $1 million.

Ashby: $223,281.53
Clinton: $326,365.93
Fitchburg: $1,106,434.96
Groton: $511,162.10
Lancaster: $323,172.81
Leominster: $1,125,568.84
Lunenburg: $418,227.26
Shirley: $247,769.61
Townsend: $409,427.12
Westford: $885,138.81

In Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester, the following communities in Worcester County, represented by Sen. Jo Comerford, D-Northampton, are slated to share $2,079,745: Athol, $503,210; Ashburnham, $336,127; Petersham, $247,663; Royalston, $277,963, and Winchendon, $467,119.

In the Worcester & Hampshire District, represented by Sen. Peter Durant, R-Spencer, the communities will share $7,020,934 with Worcester receiving $4,151,465.

Barre: $426,910
Brookfield: $167,473
East Brookfield: $93,423
Gardner: $595,266
Hardwick: $353,856
Holden: $632,306
Hubbardston: $357,072
Leicester: $422,454
North Brookfield: $306,023
New Braintree: $203,707
Oakham: $181,160
Paxton: $190,353
Phillipston: $186,179
Princeton: $336,691
Rutland: $383,782
Spencer: $489,629
Sterling: $440,954
Templeton: $359,925
Ware: $424,825
West Brookfield: $229,488Westminster: $422,637

In the district represented by Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Marlborough, Southborough will receive $430,388 and Harvard, $354,084.

In the Worcester & Hampden District, Sen. Ryan Fattman, R-Webster, said his communities will share $6,832,103.

Blackstone: $229,253
Brimfield: $276,893
Charlton: $620,275
Douglas: $362,456
Dudley: $426,585
Holland: $151,532
Hopedale: $172,319
Mendon: $274,704
Millville: $109,084
Monson, $454,957
Northbridge: $465,747
Oxford: $503,846
Sturbridge: $426,931
Sutton, $465,973
Upton: $315,656
Uxbridge: $507,363
Wales: $111,571
Webster: $466,430

In First Worcester, the communities will share $5,653,640, with the lion’s share allocated to Worcester, $4,164,226, according to Sen. Robyn Kennedy, D-Worcester. Boylston will receive $203,864; West Boylston, $288,038; Berlin, $192,924; Bolton, $289,625, and Northborough, $514,963.

In Second Worcester, communities represented by Sen. Michael Moore, D-Millbury, will share $3,300,779: Auburn, $605,025; Grafton, $502,553, Millbury, $419,798; Shrewsbury, $986,757 and Westborough, $786,646.

In Warren, represented by Sen. Jake Oliveira, D-Ludlow, the municipality will be allocated $282,941, and Milford, represented by Sen. Becca Rausch, D-Needham, will receive $815,521.

“For my district, the Chapter 90 program is one of the most important state funding mechanisms as it provides a constant source of state support for transportation infrastructure,” Fattman said. “I am always a proponent for this funding and glad to see that it’s been expedited; unlike the experience we had in the last legislative session where leaders delayed its passage.

“I am thankful Governor Healey signed it into law,” he said.

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