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What’s happening: Venus just moved into curious Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius is opposite it tonight, which means you have a strong yearning to connect with other people. It’s a great night to go out and meet someone, or try something new in bed with your partner. Saturday is VERY busy: First, the Moon enters determined Capricorn, then Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in about a dozen years, and finally, Venus is trine. Jupiter in Gemini is a year-long transit that encourages us to learn and grow through asking questions and connecting with others, and the Venus/Pluto action pushes you to make constructive transformations to your love life.

The Moon enters Aquarius on Monday, while Mercury gently connects with Saturn, putting you in a focused, serious mood. Finally, the Moon enters romantic, dreamy Pisces on Wednesday evening, allowing you to gently sail through the rest of the week.

What that means for your star sign:

This is an amazing weekend for all of you single Aries out there. The best astro is on Saturday, when Venus harmonises with Pluto. This is a weekend when you can turn your crush into your date, your date into your partner, or your partner into your fiancé/e. Put yourself out there, make some moves, and get some action!

Venus has left your sign and your love life is beginning to slow down a little. Still, this weekend’s Capricorn Moon activates your chart’s zone of adventure, so it’s a great weekend to get a little ~kinky~! On a more serious note, the Venus/Pluto action on Saturday and the Mercury/Saturn action on Monday are both great opportunities to advance your relationship to the next level. You’re able to visualise your relationship goals, you’re finding the confidence to shoot your shot, and you’re able to focus on getting exactly what you want!

Happy birthday! The Sagittarius Moon tonight activates your chart’s relationships zone, so whether you’re hooking up, going on a date, or spending lots of time with your partner, you’re defs getting some action this weekend. For all of you single Geminis out there, remember that Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is currently moving through your sign. This is a great time for a makeover — try out that viral beauty trend or buy yourself a hot new summer outfit!

I’m not gonna lie to you, Cancer: This week is not the best for your love life. Monday’s Aquarius Moon means you’re deep in your feelings. If you’re coupled up, this can be an opportunity for romance, but if you’re single, you’re probably feeling pretty lonely. Don’t expect to get much action this week — Venus is in your chart’s 12th House right now, which governs the ending of cycles and unseen things. You’re more likely to bump into an ex than a new lover right now.

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You’re making major moves, Leo! Tonight’s Sagittarius Moon lights up the hottest part of your chart, so you’re turned on and ready for action. Romance feels more meaningful and sex feels even hotter. Jupiter’s and Venus’s recent moves into Gemini + the Venus/Pluto action this weekend = spectacular astro for all you single Leos out there. This astrology activates the most social part of your chart, so you’re meeting lots of new faces and adding plenty of names to your contacts list — and probably getting asked out on a few dates, too.

This weekend’s Capricorn Moon activates your chart’s 5th House, which rules romance, sex, and fun! Right now, you’re luckier when it comes to getting lucky, and this steamy astro-weather makes life in the bedroom way hotter! The astro later on in the week isn’t quite as spicy, however. The stars are urging you to take your relationship more seriously. This is a great week to DTR or talk to your partner about the next steps in your relationship. Start these important conversations on Monday, when Mercury is connecting with Saturn. This helps you focus and find the perfect words to say to get your point across.

Tonight’s Sagittarius Moon is giving you an extra boost of charisma, so if you’re single and ready to mingle, finding someone hot to hook up with will be a breeze. The action with Venus and Pluto on Saturday is great for life in the bedroom. This transit makes intimacy feel even better and asks you to add depth to your love life. Catching feelings for a fling is super likely now, so if you’re single, be careful about who you invite to bed — you’ll likely end up head-over-heels for them when it’s all over.

You’re doing a great deal of emotional work this weekend, Scorpio. You and your partner aren’t on the same page about something, your relationship goals may not be exactly aligned, and some big conversations are being started. Superficiality, shallowness, and casual flings aren’t doing it for you right now — physically, they’re less satisfying, and emotionally, you’re not feeling much at all. You’re spending most of the week sorting all of this out, but the Moon entering Pisces on Wednesday marks an end to the stress and puts you in a much nicer mood.

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I have really good news for you, Sagittarius. Gemini season is cuffing season for your sign and Venus in Gemini is one of the best transits for your love life. And now, Jupiter, the planet of growth and luck, is entering your chart’s relationships zone. If you’re coupled up, your relationship is becoming greater and greater. If you’re single, you’re meeting more people that you can get with. Jupiter’s help ensures that you’re not running into a bunch of scrubs, either — this is a time where you’re meeting amazing people and starting major relationships.

This isn’t the sexiest week for your sign, unfortunately. I’m not seeing too many chances for hooking up or spontaneous romance, but if you’re looking to take a more serious approach to your love life, this week’s astro can help you. All of the Gemini astro-weather is urging you to be more practical, and this vibe gets stronger on Monday with the Mercury/Saturn action. You’re focused on what you really want from love, you’re determined to go after it, and you’re able to find the perfect way to get it.

Your love life is getting a major glow up, Aquarius! Venus and Jupiter are lighting up your 5th House, which governs romance, sex, and fun. If you’re hankering for a hookup, getting some action is easier than ever. If you’re looking for love, your dating apps are more active now. This week is an opportunity to figure out what you want, then go after it. You’re luckier when it comes to getting lucky, so you literally have no excuse to not shoot your shot right now!

The Capricorn Moon this weekend is great for mixing and mingling, so if you’re single and looking, it’s easy to pick up a hottie or two now. Although this weekend is good for keeping things casual and having a little fun, the rest of this week’s astro is more about taking your relationship seriously. If you’re perfectly content hooking up and dating around, then keep doing your thing—but if you’re thinking about shooting your shot, DTRing, or upgrading your love life, Monday’s the best day to start that convo.

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