Horoscope Today, May 20, 2024: Check astrological prediction for Gemini, Scorpio and other signs

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Bear in mind that, for the whole week, even those difficult circumstances which you encounter will be full of potential for sheer enjoyment. Therefore, your most valuable asset will be a sense of humour. One other point worth bearing in mind, is that you also have a range of choices not open to other people.

You’re sandwiched between events that are utterly down-to-earth and obvious, such as cash-flow worries, and feelings which could not be more vague and mysterious. Please don’t let the latter interfere with the former. And do keep as much cash handy as you think you might need!

GEMINI HOROSCOPE TODAY: they might soon have to eat their words

You’re still cruising along on the crest of a wave and there really is nothing that is beyond your skills and expertise. No longer will other people be able to accuse you of being a second-class citizen. In fact they might soon have to eat their words!

CANCER HOROSCOPE TODAY: you could think about new interests

Deep down you are so serious, and even though you often join in a good laugh with friends, your cares are never far away. There are ways to lighten your load, and the current week is a good time to start. Today you could think about new interests and fresh approaches. It might be that all you have to do is look at an old programme from an untried angle.

LEO HOROSCOPE TODAY: you have a chance to spread your wings

It may seem some time since professional success occupied centre stage. This is as it should be, for now you have a chance to spread your wings and develop a wide range of contacts which may actually appear to have no immediate gain. There’s nothing wrong with being selfless!

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VIRGO HOROSCOPE TODAY: glittering prizes will be paraded before your gaze

Mercury, your special planet, is actively scheming on your behalf. A number of glittering prizes will be paraded before your gaze, but as ever it will be up to you to make the necessary moves. A social scene could also bring its share of secrets.

LIBRA HOROSCOPE TODAY: your discussions with partners will have changed

Before the week is out the whole tenor of your discussions with partners will have changed. The personal significance and content will increase and your freedom to manoeuvre will be curtailed, which is actually a useful means of clarifying your options.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE TODAY: cultivate all important personal contacts

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This is a busy time, so don’t grumble if your responsibilities are increasing. Once you have dealt with the current crop of extra jobs you will be left with a welcome sense of achievement. Also, at work it’s who you know that counts, so cultivate all important personal contacts.

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: clear up a long-standing mystery

Domestic improvements should by now be moving along quite nicely, helped by Venus’ harmonious influence. There should be little to prevent your reaching agreement on previously contentious issues. In fact, I can see no reason at all why you shouldn’t also soon clear up a long-standing mystery.

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE TODAY: you could wish for that success

An influential group of planets aligned with private parts of your solar chart is as clear an indication as you could wish for that success is on the way. Just as your motivation is deeply personal, so the answers lie with you and you alone. Funnily enough, though, it may be partners who find the words to say what you mean.

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: take care of practical details

You are now entering a profoundly creative period, one in which your innovatory ideas will, for once, be widely appreciated. All you need is the confidence to sell yourself and the skill to take care of practical details. The day also favours the young at heart, so there’s no need to stand on ceremony.

PISCES HOROSCOPE TODAY: try to avoid all stressful situations

In its role as the goddess of love, Venus has acquired a special place in your affections. Now that you are basking under this gentle planet’s harmonious influence, please try to avoid all stressful situations or conflicts over material affairs. Your prosperity is not at risk.

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