Horoscope Today, May 25, 2024: Check astrological prediction for Cancer, Scorpio and other signs

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You should still be enthusiastic about new plans and partnerships. The kindly and supportive alignment of Mercury and Venus guarantees that this is a time to highlight all social contacts, and also to get talking to family members – or anyone else you live with.

Make up your own mind and on no account listen to rumour or conjecture. In spite of your normal down-to-earth attitude, you are now likely to be the ideal victim of a practical joke, so take jests in good part. It’s all down to the strange meeting between Venus and Uranus.

GEMINI HOROSCOPE TODAY: you been so forceful and determined

Your planetary influences are bright and seldom have you been so forceful and determined to succeed. Yet you must expect partners to respond to your suggestions in an equally forthright manner. You should also be on stand-by for a few surprises.

CANCER HOROSCOPE TODAY: you can set the lead

Although you may not care to admit it, for as long as certain planets remain in a tricky attitude to your sign, there is only a little you can do to find a permanent solution to a long-standing financial question. Yet today’s Lunar patterns indicate than you can set the lead in all personal matters.

LEO HOROSCOPE TODAY: do not expect everything to be clear

Events and opportunities over the next two days may help you keep your head above water, even if they do appear out of the blue. Yet now that Neptune is so strong, do not expect everything to be clear and above board. Today’s Sun-Moon alignment only enhances the air of mystery.

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VIRGO HOROSCOPE TODAY: Your social stars are strong today

Nobody is in a position to get the better of you financially. Drop your sentimental inhibitions and go all out to achieve your aims. It is decisive and speedy action which will serve your purposes. Your social stars are strong today, so there’s an excellent chance of friendly distractions.

LIBRA HOROSCOPE TODAY: may even find that friends or colleagues

It’s because a partner is in such a demonstrative mood that you may be bowled over by a display of affection. Even when life is out of balance, as it is now, there is still plenty to reassure you that you are loved. You may even find that friends or colleagues look to you to take charge.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE TODAY: you also need to pick up a new skill or qualification

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Now you must face up to situations you have tried to sweep under the carpet. Your attention is being focused on health and financial matters. Perhaps you should allow more time for useful exercise and improvements in your diet? It’s possible that you also need to pick up a new skill or qualification.


A conflict of personalities or interests appears to be making this a rather awkward phase. However, those of you who manage to combine humour with humility will not be put off by such problems, and will continue to flourish. And why not use today’s Sun-Moon alignment as a springboard to renew a financial enterprise?

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE TODAY: need of practical assistance

Offers of advice may be irritating, for you are loath to admit that you are imperfect in any way. However, you are in need of practical assistance and there is nothing to be gained from denying this. In fact, the assistance you receive could be overwhelming and invaluable.

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: the world is still moving your way

Now is the time to air complaints and grievances, and to put your point across without wallowing in emotion or losing touch with the issues. Broadly, though, the world is still moving your way. All in all, it’s a day to keep active and focus on what can actually be done to improve the situation.

PISCES HOROSCOPE TODAY: fundamental causes of disagreement

Rather than risk your reputation for being sensitive and compassionate, you should take pains to avoid all lingering domestic disputes. Instead, try to deal with the fundamental causes of disagreement. Tread carefully and never make assumptions about what people mean – especially when they don’t mean anything!

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