How The New Moon In Cancer Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope On July 5, 2024

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When you can value your emotional response and needs, you can also feel clearer about what direction you need to take for improvement or fulfillment. Your emotions matter. This part of you is the pinnacle of your truth, and why it never works to try to talk yourself into, or even out of love. Only by embracing and valuing this internal compass within yourself, can you determine precisely what you must do in your romantic life. 

This awareness will be heightened around the New Moon in Cancer on Friday as you are urged to let your emotions point you toward the new beginning you’ve been dreaming of.

Let’s see how this energy affects your zodiac sign’s love horoscope on July 5, 2024.


It’s been a long road, Aries, but you need to allow yourself to see that this particular challenging chapter is just about over. You have a new beginning coming in, and while it’s going to help you have greater romantic fulfillment, it’s also about creating peace within your home and entire personal life. Spend time reflecting on your emotions, but don’t forget to plant the seeds for what you want this new era of your life to entail.

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You need to allow yourself to be more emotionally expressive, Taurus. As much as you tend to be more of an acts of love type of partner, you also need to remember that sometimes you just need to use your words to express just how much you are. Create time to embrace words of affirmation, and to let your partner know just how much they are loved, so that you can feel a new beginning of greater connection begin to take place.

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The love you dream of, is also the one that you are worthy of, Gemini. But you can’t doubt what you deserve, especially to the point that it simply has to accept whatever is offered to you. Try to raise the stakes of your love, and try to realize that by doing so, is ultimately what will call in a greater relationship. You may have to address some recent events in your relationship that didn’t leave you feeling very good, but by doing so, you are going to be able to create a new beginning where you can receive precisely what it is you are worth.

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Dear Cancer, this is your moon, which means it’s also your chance to step out from the shadows of your past and show the world who you really are. This is your chance to leave behind the coping skills, or even previous ways you related to love, so that you can become the person that can attract a love that actually can last forever. Be gentle with yourself, but don’t be afraid to call yourself out on how you can become better.

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Your dreams will be especially powerful, Leo, as they help point you in the direction of your heart. Try to not discard any dreams as simply meaningless, and whether they are about a particular person or even kind of relationship, realize you are being guided by your innermost feelings. It’s okay to let love be magical and to realize that sometimes there is no logic to the intuition of your soul.

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If you need to feel more supported by your partner, Virgo, the only way that will occur is if you ask. Instead of harboring resentment or just thinking that there’s no point to addressing matters, try to feel empowered to improve this situation. Let your partner know precisely how you need to be loved, even giving examples, and then trust that your partner will want to try their best – because that is what love really is.

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There may be an interesting person that you encounter through work or even educational travels today, dear Libra. This divine meeting may help to redirect your path and even help nudge you in a completely different direction. You just need to make sure that you’re not hanging on too tightly to the past, or you may end up missing out on this new opportunity to expand your life.

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The world is waiting, Scorpio, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to open up your life, your heart, and start living as you want to. Forget about the obligations or even limitations, and instead truly start believing that everything you want, you can have. Use this to plan that trip you’ve been dreaming of, or even saying yes to that date. It’s time to start living as if you already have the life, and love, of your dreams.

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Change is a beautiful thing, Sagittarius, and it’s time to allow yourself to grow. There has been some recent discord in your relationship that has resulted in a feeling of disconnection. As much as you’ve just tried to move on, hoping it will automatically get better, doesn’t mean that it will be on its own. Create time to consciously reconnect with your partner, discuss the changes in your life, and be open to figuring out a way through together.

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Let yourself become soft for love, Capricorn. This is a beautiful time in your romantic relationship as you are being urged to let yourself embrace a new beginning. Whether this is a new commitment, or even simply feeling the ease of a new chapter in your relationship. You are being given the gift to refocus your energy and to simply enjoy this loving partnership in your life – just be sure you don’t let anything distract you from doing just that.

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The more you feel good, Aquarius, the better you can approach your relationship. You have to take a step back right now and start focusing on yourself more. Whether it’s needing time to process recent events, catching up on sleep, or even a day out by the ocean – give yourself this time. Focus on creating a sense of inner safety within yourself, and then let this serve as a new and hopefully more peaceful beginning in your relationship.

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Something big is beginning now Pisces, and it’s a relationship that will affect the rest of your life. Be very mindful of conversations today, divine meetings, and even time that you spend with your partner as this energy is all about commitment, marriage and that forever love you’ve been dreaming of. Try to go into this new phase ready to have your life change, trusting that it will be in the best possible of ways.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.

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