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WEEK OF May 20 – 26, 2024

Last month’s big career push is about to end, but that doesn’t mean you get to rest on your laurels. On Monday, May 20, your celestial custodian, the radiant Sun, zips out of hard-working Taurus and your professional tenth house, relocating to Gemini and your eleventh house of group activities and technology. You’ll continue to make huge strides in your career if you don’t let roadblocks derail you. You know what needs to get done, so stay focused and block out all distractions. Your personal life may be in overdrive thanks to a deluge of invitations coming from left, right and center. So even as you’re teaming up with simpatico innovators on a work project, your summertime squad—and plans—could start to get complicated in the coming weeks. As the reigning monarch of the zodiac, you’re used to being at the top of the food chain, but some of these new alliances might require you to surrender a bit of control and share the glory, but you won’t lose any starpower if you invite others onto your stage. There’s plenty of attention and affection to go around!

Your love light will be shining brighter than ever this Thursday, thanks to the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, which electrifies your fifth house of passion, creativity and fame. And Venus joins the Sun that same day, intensifying your Gemini solar power until June 17. Single? Over these next two weeks—or few months if you play your cards right—you can magnetically draw solid prospects to you. But you still have to be engaged, and engaging! When you catch a vibe from someone, let them know you’re interested. If you’re in a relationship riddled with uncertainty, this illuminating lunar light could clarify things. You’ll have the confidence to speak your mind and, if that doesn’t help, to initiate the shift you desire. For couples, Venus and the moon might spark a sweet romantic reboot. This fertile fifth-house full moon could inspire talk of babymaking—now or over the next half-year. Not quite there yet? How about a “creative brainchild” that you pour every ounce of your passion into?

Get ready to collaborate! On Saturday, auspicious Jupiter joins the Sun and Venus in Gemini and your eleventh house of community spirit and social networking until June 9, 2025. Over the coming year, some of your most meaningful wins will be team efforts. Thanks to Jupiter in this position, you could become a kind of “cultural ambassador,” connecting folks from a wide range of backgrounds. Your humanitarian nature is aroused, and you could feel called to volunteer or work for a charitable organization in your community. Visionary Leos might start their own nonprofit or foundation this year. With Jupiter in Gemini, your social life is poised to shoot through the roof, so get ready to manage your time carefully to do it all and not get burnt-out. If you’re doing something newsworthy, the media might come a-calling, bringing a shot at fame. Is your life fodder for a fascinating reality show; could you go on-camera as an expert or a live reporter? For Leos who have the theater gene (and that’s a LOT of you!), this is a path worth exploring. If you have entrepreneurial dreams, an online business could be a huge success over the next year, allowing you to tap into markets far beyond the borders of your hometown.

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