Love Horoscope For Thursday, May 23, 2024

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With the Full Moon in Sagittarius arriving on May 23, 2024, we discover what area of our love life needs to be released to make room for a better, improved relationship. Here’s how the Moon, Sun, and astrology forecast impacts our daily love horoscope this Thursday.

Love horoscopes for each zodiac sign on Thursday, May 23, 2024:


You’ve been hurt in the past, but you can enjoy a fulfilling love life, Aries. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release the things that hold you back from pursuing love as if it were an adventure. Try not to judge a current or future partner based on past mistakes. Forgive yourself for allowing something to go on longer than it should have. Give yourself permission to enjoy love now and to experience happiness. 

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You have put up a few guards in love, but things can change. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release things that hold you back from intimacy and closeness with your loved one. Focus on the moment at hand. See things for what they are. If there aren’t any red flags, then allow yourself to relax. Trust can take time, but if you have an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised at how nicely things flow.

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Not everyone wants the same things, and yes, you may find yourself kissing a few frogs in the name of love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release negative energy preventing you from enjoying the type of commitment you want in a partnership. Be open and honest when you are on a date. Share from the heart what you desire in a partnership from Day 1. Be willing to let go of someone you like but realize you’re not on the same page. Be choosey.

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You know what went wrong and didn’t work in other relationships, and now, you get to use your wisdom to the best of your ability. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release unhealthy patterns and start establishing new ones that lead to solid boundaries and deep closeness. Talk about your comfort levels. Seek to find areas of agreement. Consider the things that help you to grow closer, such as experiences and date nights. Remember to communicate clearly and with kindness.

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Sometimes, becoming bored in a relationship is a good thing. It can mean you’ve become comfortable, and deep love can grow. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release anything, causing your relationship to stagnate and not be all it can be. Look for ways to add new adventures to your relationship. Seek out fun places to go together and create new memories. 

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Everyone has expectations about what they hope their relationship will be like. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release unmet expectations and see how your life can feel safe and secure in a loving relationship. It’s time to hit the reset button and start over again. You can start envisioning love in a new light and enjoy creating something that’s uniquely designed for your personality and wants.

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Hurt feelings can cause people to shut down and not want to talk or listen, but a little bit of empathy can open lines of communication back up and get things flowing again. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release blocks to communication so you can have conversations you feel are necessary to grow your relationship. If you need to schedule some time one day when you can hash it out, consider doing so. No pressure is needed, but pizza can work wonders for fostering goodwill and peace.

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You don’t always have to be the one who is In control, and sometimes fear is the reason why you feel the need to do so. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release a need to control your relationship and allow yourself to forgo any possessive traits. This is a great time to implement the ‘if they wanted to, they would’ system. Let people be themselves, and you can be you. See how it goes.

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You can start where you are. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release and find a new way to experience love and intimacy from a comfortable place. Begin within your comfort zone, especially when dating someone new or reconnecting with a current partner. If you prefer texting over long chats and intense conversations, say so. Ask for what you need, and if compromise doesn’t feel right to you now, speak up about it and ask for grace.

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The universe is always there for you, so it’s wise to pay attention to synchronicity in your world. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release hurt feelings and find solace in a higher power, especially if you feel alone in a relationship or as a single person. Hand over the difficult moments to the universe and allow karma to do what it feels needs to be done for you and for the person you love. 

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It’s good to have friends, family, and people you do things with who don’t require you to be perfect. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release the need to get everything you want from one person and expand your friendship circles. This is a great time to network and invite a good friend to go out and mingle with new crowds. Be open and friendly. Send out good vibes. Smile and say hello.

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You can’t take everyone with you, even if you want to. Some people have to find their fate, as you find your own. The Full Moon in Sagittarius allows you to release people who can’t respect you to their destiny as you pursue your own. This is a good day for saying goodbye to a friendship that’s feeling distant. You don’t have to pick up the phone and do so formally, but you can simply not try so hard or disengage until you’re ready to do so again in the future. 

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