My weekly horoscope: Weekly guide to what the stars have in store for YOU: 25 – 31 May 2024

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Jupiter’s arrival in Gemini heralds an inspiring era. This is the lucky planet’s first visit to the sign of intellect and communication since 2012, and it encourages us to rediscover our sense of wonder. 

There will be opportunities to explore new philosophies that can improve the ways we interact in our personal relationships, and with the wider world. It’s a cosmic invitation to be imaginative and explore new adventures. 

With bold, brilliant ideas, which can be easily expressed, breakthroughs are possible. 

Is your future set in stone? Or can you mould it, like clay, to create a new world that you really want to live in? 

The ancients believed that a horoscope was a key that open the locked door of a ‘sealed fate’ into an open book of inspiring possibilities. Gain the power of cosmic insight… and the knowledge to time each choice you make with pinpoint precision. 

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Jupiter’s arrival in Gemini heralds an inspiring era. This is the lucky planet’s first visit to the sign of intellect and communication since 2012


 March 21 – April 20

Your Weekly Horoscope: You’re trying to sort out a confusing situation. It’s baffling. As soon as you think you’ve grasped what to do, you discover another complication. But this is Planet Earth. We live on a ball of rock which is spinning through space. Billions of people come here, but where they were before, and where they go to when they leave is a big mystery. Uncertainty lies at the heart of our world. Maybe we come here because of all the craziness! You might not find a clear answer this week. But if you accept what’s going on, you’ll find joy.

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April 21 – May 21

 Your Weekly Horoscope: Experts on human behaviour might have different views. But they all accept that we don’t know as much as we think we do. We all tend to make decisions about how we view the world, and then choose how we’re going to interact with it. And then, we stick to those ideas and ways of being. It takes something dramatic to happen for us to change our ways. This week’s inspiring cosmic climate brings you the insight to review your approach to a relationship. Without the need for a drama, things are about to get better.

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May 22 – June 22   

Your Weekly Horoscope: I’m starting your forecast with a drum roll. Welcome to the Gemini Show! This all singing (well maybe some humming), all dancing (well moving about a lot), world class (well in your own world at least) event is heralded by Jupiter (planet of good fortune) arriving in your sign. What does it mean? In one word, progress. This is partly caused by changing circumstances. But mainly created by your changing attitude. You can see things differently. That means you can do whatever you need to do… and enjoy a successful outcome.

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June 23 – July 23

 Your Weekly Horoscope: You’re determined to focus and deal with a long-standing issue. It’s been on your to-do list for too long. But although you’re prioritising the right thing, you can afford to take the pressure off. This week brings an inspiring idea that leads to a shortcut. But to find it, you need to stand back a little and reassess. From this new vantage point, you’ll be able to see this situation in its true perspective. It might not have changed, but you have. And your new way of being gives you the insight to deal with it, in a satisfyingly simple way.

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July 24 – August 23

Your Weekly Horoscope: Some people think we need to force change to happen; that if we don’t take action, everything will stay the same. Other folk think that the less we do, the wiser we are; that if we let things be, they have a way of sorting themselves out. There are, of course, times when we need to get motivated and roll up our sleeves, and times when it’s better to stand back and allow things to unfold. Which of these policies should you follow this week? Under these powerful skies, with just a little energy, you can achieve a lot. Get cracking! 

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August 24 – September 23

Your Weekly Horoscope: They say we need to be careful what we wish for, because we might get it. This strange expression is based on the fact that we think we know what we want, but when we get it, we might realise it’s not what we need. But sometimes, the cosmos takes a while to respond to a request. And when it arrives, we’ve forgotten we ever wished for it. This week brings something you were once desperate for. And with Jupiter in a new home, keep making new wishes. They might not come true this week… but in the future… who knows!

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There will be opportunities to explore new philosophies that can improve the ways we interact in our personal relationships, and with the wider world

There will be opportunities to explore new philosophies that can improve the ways we interact in our personal relationships, and with the wider world


September 24 – October 23

Your Weekly Horoscope: Something in your world is starting to make sense. Yay! Once everything has fallen into place, you’re going to find it easy to reach a decision. But there’s no need to rush. This week, with Jupiter changing signs, even more things will start making sense! Since you’ve been dealing with so much uncertainty, it’s understandable that you want to reach a place of stability… fast. But in the disorder lies a possibility you haven’t been able to see. What happens this week might surprise you – but it will delight and reassure you too.

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 October 24 – November 22

 Your Weekly Horoscope: We have an amazing ability to overlook things that happen every day. We get used to the sound of traffic. We adapt to city lights and country smells. It’s only when we’ve been away for a while that we become aware of our adaptability. And sometimes too, we adapt to things we shouldn’t adapt to. This week brings the clarity to recognise a situation you should probably have objected to a while ago. Don’t concern yourself with why you allowed things to carry on in a less-than-desirable way. Just implement positive change.

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November 23 – December 21

Your Weekly Horoscope: Are you expecting your week to be filled with love, joy, and creative energy? I hope so! With your ruler’s change of signs, it can be all these things… and more. Just don’t expect it to be completely trouble-free. Problems will continue to roll up – because that’s what they always do. But with your optimistic attitude you’ll be able to deal with whatever comes along without losing your joie de vivre. Your spirits are being uplifted. And the more generously you share those good vibes, the better you’ll feel and the more progress you’ll make. 

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December 22 – January 20 

 Your Weekly Horoscope: You don’t enjoy talking about your problems; you don’t want to be known as a moaner. You don’t particularly like talking about your successes either; you don’t want to brag. And talking about other people is tricky; you’re not a gossip. You’ve got something important to share with someone, and you’re concerned your motives will be misinterpreted. But if you speak from your heart, and trust in the truth, your reputation in their eyes will be enhanced. And the connection that develops will be supportive in ways you can’t imagine.

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January 21 – February 19

Your Weekly Horoscope: You can achieve what you want to achieve. It’s just you might not be able to achieve it at the pace you want. Which, since you’re feeling inspired, is frustrating. You don’t like waiting around. You’re much more of the ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ type. But unless you want sparks to fly, you need to bide your time. This is a cause worth fighting for. You want to get it right. This week brings insight that will enable you to take great strides. Just ensure you’re fully ‘in the know’ before you get going. You don’t have long to wait. 

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February 20 – March 20

Your Weekly Horoscope: Just because you can’t tele-transport, leap over buildings, or make yourself invisible doesn’t mean you don’t have special powers. Your Piscean sensitivity and empathy bless you with the ability to understand people’s thoughts and motives; sometimes your skills are so good you can tell them things about themselves they don’t know. You intuitively understand what’s on their hearts. This week, as your traditional ruler, Jupiter, moves into Gemini, your instincts are super-honed. You can use them to sort out a misunderstanding. 

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