New Boston Tornado Emergency Alert ‘Too Soon’? Texarkana, Texas Residents Voice Concerns

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After the National Weather Service (NWS) sounded a tornado emergency for New Boston, Texas, on Friday, several locals reported that the tornado never appeared. They seemed confused by the alert, as weather conditions did not reflect a possible tornado in the area. Eventually, the tornado emergency was downgraded to a potentially destructive storm (PDS).

The NWS in a post earlier has issued a tornado warning for New Boston in Texarkana, Texas until 7:30 p.m. CDT. They forecasted damaging tornado in New Boston, Boston and Hooks along with pea-sized hail.

However, residents were confused by the alert as nothing indicated a possible tornado, or even a PDS. Notably, an official confirmation on if the alert was false has not yet come. Nonetheless, New Boston residents vented their confusion on social media, with some even making fun of the NWS.

“yeah it makes sense but i think they pulled the trigger on a tornado emergency wayyy to soon. pds tor would likely be justified in that situation,” one user said on X.

“That’s why I was confused because this did not look tornado emergency worthy at all maybe a PDS or a tornado warning,” wrote another.

“Tornado emergency for no tornado at all,” wrote one user making fun of the NWS.

“Sometimes its more about saving lives then what the tornado looks like on radar, if they jump the gun and issue a tornado emergency who the f cares they are trying to save lives especially given the past few days, and to say it’s embarrassing, it’s better safe than sorry,” said another.

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