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WEEK OF May 20 – 26, 2024

Much as you hate to admit it, you might feel ready to give your social-butterfly wings a temporary rest. After four weeks of nearly continuous fluttering, it’s time to come in for a landing. On Monday, May 20, the Sun leaves your extroverted third house and settles into a quieter groove in Gemini and your fourth house of kith and kin until June 20. It’s not like you’ll stop caring about people—you’ll just be focused on far fewer of them. For the next four weeks, your guiding principle will be quality over quantity. Bring your attention to your innermost circle. Noisy crowds won’t hold much appeal, especially when you can meet one-on-one with your nearest and dearest. In your home life, what changes have you been dreaming about? With the winds of change sweeping through Chateau Pisces, you can realize some Pinterest decor visions. Over the next month, you might experiment with paint or wallpaper or change roommates, swapping out (for instance) platonic folks for a new love interest. If your home is already well organized, then show off your host-with-the-most skills. Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it!

Don’t worry about turning into a total hermit, Pisces. (Whew!) Thursday’s skies feature the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, which lands in your professional tenth house and amps up your ambition for the next few weeks—or months. And Venus joins the Sun that same day, intensifying your Gemini solar power until June 17. If you convinced yourself that no one’s been noticing your efforts of the past half-year, you’ll be delighted to learn you’re wrong. This is a signal to drop the false modesty and take ownership of your talents—and to get clear on what you’d like your next step to be. Some Fish are content with the status quo. Are there ANY changes that would make you even happier? If you sense you’ve gotten as far as you can at the current gig, spend some time over the next two weeks feeling into (and writing out) your desires. You’re in prime manifesting mode, so think about the big and small things that will improve the quality of your life and believe that you can make this happen! Set an intention to connect with the right people over the next six months and be ready to say yes when you’re invited into their elite circles!

The concept of “home” may be a moving target for the next year thanks to peripatetic, expansive Jupiter moving into Gemini and your domestic fourth house on Saturday until June 9, 2025. While you’ll still need a place to call your own, this Jupiter transit—which hasn’t happened in 12 years—might inspire you to pull up the stakes and do something very different! If your love interest lives elsewhere or a job opens up in another time zone, that can make your decision easier. But if you’re just feeling antsy and like you need a hard reset, start playing out scenarios in your head while checking in with your HEART, your wiser adviser. Bear in mind that things happen fast with Jupiter in the picture, so be sure to really mull your options before you do anything drastic. While all this stimulation might be a bit much for some people, you actually love the idea of flowing from place to place. Jupiter is the planetary entrepreneur, and you may get a brilliant idea for a home-based business—on your own or with a like-minded friend or family member. Start small and reach out to social contacts who’d make an ideal client or can lead you to new avenues of income. But making money isn’t the whole point. Wise Jupiter in Gemini can teach you to manage your assets like a pro!

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