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May 26, 2024

Brace yourself, Scorpio. You’re about to redefine “intensity,” starting on Saturday as expansive Jupiter blazes into Gemini and your profound, intimate eighth house for a yearlong stay. During this period, surface-level relations and ideas will hold even less sway than usual as you dive down mysterious rabbit holes, savor soulmate connections and explore possible mergers. You’re on a quest to answer life’s big questions and build the kind of beautiful, enduring bonds you yearn for. You could also make a savvy investment that pays big dividends, as long as you calculate the risks carefully. A chance to attract wealth could arrive sooner than you imagine as magnetic Venus clicks with your ruler, transformational Pluto—also on Saturday. You could receive money or a valuable gift through family or have an opportunity to go in on a venture with people close to you. On Sunday, social plans could overwhelm you, so you may decide to reschedule, bow out or switch a decadent squad brunch to a group hike—preceded by a healthy picnic, natch.

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