Shoppers warned after rash of wallet thefts at Norwell stores

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Shoppers on the South Shore are being warned by police to stay on their guard while shopping. That message comes after a rash of stolen wallets.

“I’m always in here. I shop here all the time and I just see women leaving their wallets and their pocketbooks in their wagon all the time and I always say to them, ‘Don’t leave that unattended, someone’s going to grab it right out and sure enough, it’s happening,” said Carol Greene, a shopper.

And it’s been happening enough that police in Norwell, Massachusetts, are trying to identify multiple people after several reports of wallets being stolen from purses while shopping in stores.

“I meet a lot of nice people when I’m shopping, so I’m very surprised that people would be targeting this store in Norwell,” said Denise Lynch.

Norwell Police Department

Norwell police say the incidents have occurred at different locations.

“When I shop, I always put it like this around my neck and I don’t have to worry about it. Don’t make it easy for someone to grab it,” said Greene.

Someone’s been grabbing the wallets from victims’ purses before they’re able to realize their wallet’s been stolen because their purse is still in the shopping cart, police said.

“I think I am kind of lackadaisical about that because I will wander around and have my purse in front of the cart,” said Lisa Coyne.

Norwell Police Department

Police say the suspects have had enough time to leave the store and charge items at different locations before the victim is aware their wallet is missing.

“They turn and they get distracted, and they start looking for sizes and you never know. A lot of women carry the larger bags and it’s easy. They’re open for somebody to go in and just grab the wallet,” said Lynch.

While the exact number of stolen wallets wasn’t immediately known, police are asking residents to be aware of their surroundings and not to leave their purses.

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