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WEEK OF May 20 – 26, 2024

Sweep up the crumbs, recycle the empty bottles and enjoy a final moment of celebration. Taurus season comes to its annual end this Monday, May 20, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed your yearly “high season.” The Sun is moving on to Gemini and your second house of financial foundations and practical planning until June 20. Be ready to get into a grounded (yet still excited) groove and embrace the beauty of simplicity. While the Sun was in your sign, you may have been struck by a barrage of brilliant ideas. Now it’s time to run the best of them through the reality filter and see which, if any, are worth your time. This solar power surge can inspire savvier budgeting. Set a few financial goals and set up a dedicated savings account for a few choice big-ticket items. If you’re on a timeline, calculate how many months you have to save up the total, then arrange to save a fixed amount every paycheck. Don’t touch it—don’t even check the balance often—and you’ll be amazed at how fast the funds will accrue. Your dream vacay is closer than you realize!

Libido: rising! On Thursday, the year’s only Sagittarius full moon turns up the heat in your seductive eighth house, putting you in the mood for love, lust and everything in between. The same day, amorous Venus joins the Sun in Gemini and your sensual second house until June 17. Under this erotic pas de deux, casual won’t cut it—at least not for the long haul. Single Bulls could meet someone with keeper potential within two weeks of this full moon, or possibly just a sweet soul who’ll remind you how good intimacy feels. Over the coming several weeks, get clear about what you want to call into your life. Is it finally time to give the commitment-phobes the boot? In a newish relationship? That’s the perfect opportunity to discuss your mutual desires and visions for your future so neither of you is operating under any false assumptions. Solid couples can take a significant next step or, if things aren’t working out, find a mature and loving way to separate.

On Saturday, auspicious Jupiter enters Gemini and your money zone for the next 12-plus months, blessing you—and your bank account—with its fortunate beams. You can get back to being the moneymaker you know yourself to be. For the past year, Jupiter has been in Taurus, helping you stretch out of your comfort zone. You may have widened your personal horizons to the point where you barely recognize yourself. But your security-focused sign can only expand so far before the warning alarm goes off. Take your time to find your new equilibrium, but then position yourself to capitalize on everything you experienced over the past year.

Partnership is the name of the game when Jupiter is in the sign of the twins. Do you work for yourself? Think joint ventures. If you’re a staffer somewhere, look for more effective ways to collaborate with coworkers. Warning: Your thirst for luxury will increase under this Jupiter phase, and capricious Gemini energy could spark some impulse-buying. Practice restraint, letting your budget—and your willpower—be your beacon in all major decisions. This is a fine time to work with a financial planner or to familiarize yourself with budgeting software like mint.com to get on track. If you have money to invest, you might dabble in art collecting in the year ahead. Spend time in nature to diffuse stress before it reaches the boiling point.

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