The Flower Moon In Sagittarius Is Here — It’s Time To Open Your Heart

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This full moon aspects Pluto, currently retrograde in Aquarius. This aspect will activate our deepest emotions, allowing us to acknowledge them. It will enable us to relate to people on a more intricate level. Since we want to evolve partnerships, we may find that some relationships aren’t worth the effort because they have an expiration date and need to be purged from our lives. However, it’s more likely that we will try to work on alliances instead of letting go of them and create stronger foundations. Pluto wants to transform dynamics by giving us the stamina to heal our interactions. This means we’ll feel we can work on and resolve problems with others. But doing so will push us to face matters by acknowledging our fears, yearnings and shadow selves. The fixed stars Yed Prior, Dschubba, and Acrab top off the lunation with sauciness, sassiness and determination. There will be a touch of the theatrical. Don’t forget that Sagittarius goes large in everything it does.

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