The Full Moon in Sagittarius on 23rd May is telling you to stop self-sabotaging

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Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. If you have an excess in your life, this is the time for it to go down the drain. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when we can let go. May’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is an astrological hint to reminisce about how much you’ve grown.

Accept that you cannot force an outcome, no matter how hard you try. But by accepting whatever results happen and allowing your emotions to flow naturally, you can own your experiences. I know the feelings of loss and unhappiness. Accepting “if it will be, it will be” doesn’t necessarily make it easier to let go of the outcome you wanted to see. We are all human and we all have emotions; sometimes, emotions make no sense, leaving us confused about how we feel. Full Moons can be a challenging time if you’re practicing emotional suppression.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 23rd May 2024. Astrologically, this Full Moon is asking us to allow for emotional release. The Sun in Gemini opposes this Full Moon, reminding us that not everything is how we see it. Sometimes, we foolishly allow our ego to dictate how we express ourselves, which gets in the way of honouring our emotions. For example, you might decide to prove your value to someone and mistake their boundaries —which can be perceived as love-bombing. Instead of self-sabotaging, show a willingness to work with the person you’re trying to impress.

During the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you can transform unhealthy patterns and enjoy satisfying rewards. Checking your ego, stepping into a secure space, and expressing your intentions can set you up for fulfilling connections. Remember, life is a marathon. Why would you sprint through something beautiful?

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Your subconscious feelings may be leading you to act out. Have you ever told someone, “It’s fine, I’m fine!” but behind the forced grin, you know damn well you feel hella uncomfortable? When citing sources during conversations, consider what you might seek from the interaction. Are you acting like a professor to overcompensate for the respect you think you lack?

Intimacy and endings are best approached with open eyes and respect for the independence of those involved. Choosing to approach life solo and calling it empowerment is a surefire path towards self-sabotaging meaningful relationships. If you’re avoiding a break up, then speak up. If you’re fearful of connection, why not start slow?

Emotionally, you may be prone to idealising how someone may or may not fit into your life. Remember, when you choose who you incorporate into your inner circle, you can always benefit from levelling with yourself. Is the person you’re idealising as your perfect partner someone who you’ve never met? Is it fair to compare present prospects with someone who doesn’t exist yet? Your love life looks exciting if you’re willing to return to Earth.

During this Full Moon, checking in with an expert for a second or third opinion might be in your best interest. You could be so impressed by the prestige of someone’s title that you’re losing sight of what information makes sense. What’s the harm in double-checking for accuracy? Your health and workflow will benefit from your willingness to be thorough.

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That lover might not be what’s best for you, babe. Hot take: We need to stop calling “lusters” our “lovers.” I’m willing to place bets that it sets us up for confusion, conditioning us to believe that whatever feels good is love. Of course, we should want love to feel good, but just because something can make our eyes roll back doesn’t mean we’re experiencing love. The Full Moon may bring you a powerful sign about a love affair.

You and Gemini need to consider making a pact to check in with each other regarding your romantic idealisation, babes. It seems as though you’re both caught up in a similar trap. My advice? Choose to lean towards introversion as you figure this all out. Remember, you have free will, and you have to take accountability for your own preferences – perhaps you’ll benefit from going into hermit mode so you can think about your next steps.

Right now, you’re experiencing an inner conflict. Picking up on tiny habits, slang, and mannerisms from your coworkers may not be what you intended; however, it seems like work is rubbing off on you! Use your better judgment and be mindful of how you’re coming off to those around you. Just because your boss is doing something doesn’t make it okay.

The Sun is the centre of the solar system, and its light allows life on Earth to grow. According to ancient astrologers, the Sun represents your ego and purpose. It’s basically how you see yourself. But you are not the centre of the universe, babes. Sure, the metaphorical light you emit influences others. But this Full Moon is a gentle reminder to level with yourself. Be mindful of how your imagination might be over-inflating your value. I’m sure you’re great. But being great doesn’t mean you have it all figured out!

Imagine letting your ego get in the way of enjoying the development of a relationship. Well, check in with yourself, Sagittarius. You might be thinking too simplistically, and that never looks good on you. I know you’re big on believing that you see the world from a big-picture perspective, but how can you develop film from experiences you’ve never had? There’s a world you have never imagined, so stop trying to curate your camera roll and let time lapse.

I think you might be trying to escape something, but whatever you’re escaping should be named and categorised. Are you escaping danger? Your bad habits? Or personal responsibility? Life can be challenging. Go fill the open spaces in your calendar with moments of joy.

Change starts when you learn to take yourself seriously. You’re a butterfly welcoming a new sense of yourself. Shedding your old skin is beautiful, and making way for new growth is how dreams come true. Let the appropriate people know what’s up, and avoid letting your emotional whims fly too close to the Sun.

Some of you need to keep your booties at home. Burning the candle at both ends will burn you out so quickly! Take a nap! You look like you are thriving, and we love seeing you outside. It’s just you might be a little disoriented. You’re doing too much! Determine which direction you want to go in and trust that the universe will provide for you.

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