Today’s Horoscope – May 21, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs

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Today’s Horoscope – May 21, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs

Published 20 May 2024, 18:43 IST


Trust your gut-feeling and avoid being overly rational. You may be involved in a deceptive situation and all may not be as it seems, but success is eventually
yours. Secretive or clandestine relationships, if you are having one – could have a happy ending!
Colour: Gold Number: 8


You can excel where before you’ve failed if you display a little confidence. Wear red for power today. It may prove harder than you thought to get a certain person off your mind!
Colour: Ivory Number: 2


This is a great day to right any wrongs and to say how you really feel about all that has transpired. Take your time when dealing with financial issues. Pay for a professional opinion if you can.
Colour: Mustard Number: 3


Spiritual encounter could be enlightening. The occult fascinates you. A good day to start a writing project. You’ve become bored with your usual routine and you’ll be going to great lengths to make life more exciting.
Colour: Olive-green Number: 4


Partnerships and cooperative alliances emphasised. A time to negotiate contracts. A change to your routine may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but go with the flow and show how good you can be at adapting to new situations.
Colour: Honey Number: 5


A response from that special one indicated. An old issue which you thought resolved may crop up now. Career wise a new opportunity opens up. Time to decide if lateral growth is just as good as a promotion.
Colour: Orange Number: 9


You’re forcing issues which, deep down inside, should be better left to unravel on its own. Use today to think things through. Mercury pushes you to take gambles you would usually shy away from. 
Colour: Blue Number: 6


Communication is the key to turn things in your favour. Your friendship circle seems to be splitting and it is hard for you to know which side you should take. Today’s events offer you the chance to remain neutral.
Colour: Jade Number: 2


Saturn hands you the gift of clear vision and you are able to see with ease who is good for your life and who has been holding you back. And, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Colour: Terracotta Number: 4


Learn to trust more and believe that everything happens for a reason. Try not to obsess over things from the past, make the most of your present moment. Pay attention to your dreams, your sleep patterns may change and some premonitions may come true. 
Colour: Violet Number: 3


A surprising encounter could lead to a lifelong friendship. Your instincts will be at their sharpest and it would be best to trust your gut feeling about all matters. Expect delays in communications and travel.
Colour: Saffron Number: 2


A difficult phase at work could lead to great success. Your natural ability to focus on details will bring you awards and accolades. A project you’ve been working on for a long time concludes successfully. Expect celebrations and a reunion with
old friends.
Colour: Magenta Number: 6


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