Weekly Horoscope, 20-May to 26-May-2024: Explore our weekly horoscope and navigate the week ahead with confidence

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Under the influence of Mars, you will make a strong resolve to strengthen your position on the career front. Planetary positions too will support you, by presenting options to benefit monetarily. However, you need to look for long term prospects, while taking any decision or making any move for growth particularly in business. You may have enough funds at your disposal and hence it will be a good idea to invest money productively during this week. During this week you will be able to handle relationships on all fronts with much ease. You will be calmer and happier and that sort of state of mind will reflect in all your relations. Your progress in studies may remain average during this week. At times your over-confidence may make you take your studies, quite casually. Your health is likely to improve to quite an extent during this week. Due to your awareness, efforts and dedication, robust health is foreseen for you.

As the week begins, there would be an increase of competition and stiff resistance. Your associates may cause some issues in important projects, suggests the North Node. The only need is you keep faith and continue working with dedication. Some pressure may be felt on your financial status due to some old commitments. List your priorities and spend money wisely. Refrain from trying your luck or taking undue risks to boost your earnings. This week is likely to bring joy and happiness in your love life and relationship in general. Planets will favour you to get chance to express your emotions to the person you love. Your knowledge is going to increase and your skills will be more refined. This will be a favourable week to implement your planning in matters related to your education. Some uneasiness could lead to minor health issues and mood swings during this week. Too much of work-related stress or travelling may make you feel tired.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

It will be a good time for the beginning of new work. The co-workers may also assist you. If you are doing business, Mars may help you to get success and will also get a good chance to expand the base of business. It may bring some good earning opportunities and likely to empower your financial fortune. It will be equally a good time to clear your debt and attend to pending issues. But you may experience see-saw situations in you love life. Have little patience, avoid dual thoughts and let this time pass off as the impact of North Node can be confusing. Your mentors will be there in your support and hence there will good progress in your studies this week. Just keep your focus and you will perform well. To remain fit and fine this week, you need to relax so that stress level remains under control or disorder should not get better of you and make you feel sick.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

During this week, you will have the major progress in terms of career and management related activities. Jupiter will work effectively and extremely strong during this length of time. This will be equally a good phase for business persons. Some excellent opportunities may surface this time around and boost the business prospects. Here, you will have a clear vision of your financial future. Be confident or else you will not be able to handle resources efficiently. If you are in committed relationship, this period will require tactful handling of your relationship. Mercury will help you in your studies and you will sail through your projects effortlessly and successfully. Excessive work might result in physical pain and exhaustion, which is why you manage your routine.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Saturn indicates a difficult phase and some hurdles would make you anxious. Some complex situations and conflicts could also lead you towards some distress during this phase. Family businesses may experience more stress due to the adverse influence of planets. The flow of money will be stable but you should be wary around the middle of this week when problems might arise out of the blue due to the complex energy of North Node. Mercury indicates that your beloved will have a different take on various issues and you have to be diplomatic in handling some tricky issues. Jupiter can bring favourable progress in the field of education. Your performance may be good enough, however, at times overconfidence may lead to carelessness and difficulty in preparation as well. This week may give birth to fatigue factors. There will be a feeling of laziness and stress. Give sufficient rest to your mind and physique both to keep yourself healthy.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Though the pace of progress may be slow due to the impact of Saturn but long term planning and distancing yourself from short term gains is likely to help build for the future. If you are doing business, there are high chances to resolve some pending issues. Jupiter may provide you with many opportunities for financial gain during this week. It is quite possible that Venus may bring strong attraction and attachment for someone. Positively, you will be very sharp and clear mentally and that will help you to understand the dynamics of your relationship. There may be some demanding projects to complete and that might make you nervous. But, you must keep yourself motivated as there may be positive developments in your studies during the latter part of this week. You are likely to register major improvement in your strength and stamina during this phase.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

During this week, by identifying key areas of development through an effective analysis, you will be able to enhance your productivity. But during the latter half of this week, your fortune may fluctuate and there may be some situations, wherein you may feel that things are not moving as per your expectations. Venus indicates that if you manage your finances wisely, increase in your wealth is likely. It will be a good time to invest money for longer period as the investment done during this week may bring handsome rewards in future. North Node can lead to some disputes in relationship, where you are emotionally attached. Remain cautious, while shaping a new relationship, especially during the first half of this week. You will be able to improve your knowledge by taking part in cultural and other activities. You may have much better fitness levels and you are likely to regain vitality during this week.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Due to the favourable impact of Mercury, you will be in a good position to think about your career progress and where you want to be heading. If you are in business, you will be at the peak of your performance toward the end of the week. This can be a week of reflection, planning, and buildup before the big push at your financial front. During this period, it is better to wait and consolidate your position before making large expenses or investments. You may have better planetary support in matters related to love and relationship. Your friends will play the important role and help you find a partner. You will have ample planetary support to maintain your health and fitness but as the week advances, work stress will hit your health to quite an extent. Your self-belief and positive attitude will be helping you to march forward in your studies.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The impact of Mars and Venus is likely to be highly encouraging for career prospects. So, the career will undergo major positive transformations. If you are looking for a change of job, the week is auspicious. If you are in business, you can utilize this period to expand your business and to increase the volume of your business. Venus foretells a splendid money flow throughout this week. You may get some good opportunities to convert your financial plans into money-making projects. This week may bring joy and love in your life and, you will be eager to express your emotions. Your social life will be activated and you are likely to enjoy some wonderful moments with your beloved one. As the week begins the prospects for education do not forecast good things. Planetary influences make you somewhat dull and lethargic. So, you may have problems clearing the exams. The impact of Saturn may not be promising for your health this week. Particularly the period after the mid of this week may bring health problems.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

There will be some complex situations to face at your career front. Try to avoid chaos and confusion at your work place. Mercury will now force you to listen to the opinion of experienced people. If you think that your associates are not coping with the duties, do not rush to fight them. Don’t bring emotions in between while taking any vital decisions regarding your money matters. Even if you are bided by financial issues, Venus will help you unleash your creative ideas and will manage the problems efficiently. There can be just some weird energy around you which can disturb your love and relationship equation. Don’t give up as this is just a passing phase. Planets are likely to help you maintaining your health but around the middle of this week you feel your energy level low. In your studies, you are likely to get results according to your expectations. You will effectively plan for higher education.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

This week will be all about communication, especially within your immediate work group. Make sure everyone will be on same page and speaking the same language. Don’t look for any shortcuts for gains if you are doing business. Saturn will demand you to act smartly with patience. Planetary aspects are to remain favorable for finances. You may however encounter some problems with your family members on some important financial matters. There will be some internal turmoil within you due to the adverse impact of South Node but Mars could push you to open up as the week advances. Under the influence of Venus during the latter half, sharing your feeling with your counterpart can pacify your intense feelings. Planets may demand more attention for your health during this week. If you are suffering from lifestyle diseases, you will need to be extra attentive.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

North Node will have some adverse impact on your career. It will be the testing time for your skills and you will be feeling overloaded with work too. If you are in business, you should not hesitate to make a bold move to make fast paced progress. You will put a lot of effort into planning your financials. If required, you should take help from a professional. As far as your love life is concerned, if you were facing problems with your partner, things will start becoming better the midweek onwards. The stars will remind you not to neglect your health. You will need to seek medical help when the same is necessary and never self-medicate. Also, the stars will be aligned in your favor in mattes related to your education.


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