Weekly horoscope: These signs will have difficult choices to make

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All signs will see choices being presented to them this week according to the Manchester Evening News’ resident fortune teller. Stuart Cassels says you must trust your intuition and your decisions, trying your best to remove any self doubt.

Individually, Cancers loyalty will put be put to the test as they will have to be a shoulder to cry on for a close friend. Regret will be the theme of the week for Capricorns according to Stuart, however, the Stockport based fortune teller says a solution to their ills isn’t too far away.

Stuart’s tarot reading of each star sign for the week commencing from May 27 – June 2 can be read below…


Aries: 21st March – 19th April: “Your tendency to seek alternative methods to achieve your targets may bring you under some scrutiny this week, however this shouldn’t cause you any issues in the long term. The change you are waiting for will finally happen on Friday.

“The weekend will bring plenty of social opportunities, but be wary of mixing business and pleasure. Hold off from agreeing any serious deals until next week.”

Taurus: 20th April – 20th May: “This is not a week to give in to intimidation. If you really desire a new start in life, take the opportunity to stand up against your enemies and make sure the truth is spoken loud and clear.

“The later part of the week may bring some unconventional ideas. Explore them and consider how they may be advantageous to you and your family. Sunday will bring an opportunity to socialise with a new group of people – something you really need to consider right now.”

Gemini: 21st May – 20th June: “Starting this week with a sense of purpose will give you an undeniable advantage over the competition. Geminis traditionally have several skill sets to call upon to get the job done, and this week, that will be important, both at work, and at home.

“You may be tempted to throw caution to the wind, and say “yes” to a request, before considering how you can deliver on your promise – an interesting tactic that is sure to bring you a little adventure, but is the end reward worth the stress?”

Cancer : 21st June – 22nd July: “You will be given the opportunity to prove yourself as a trusted friend this week as someone close looks for support. Your experience and wisdom will bring comfort and much needed direction to them, and may also bring a moment of clarity to yourself at the same time.

“Taking sides in a discussion that ultimately won’t affect you is not advised.”

Resident fortune teller Stuart Cassels.

Fortune teller, Stuart Cassels -Credit:ABNM Photography

Leo: 23rd July – 22nd August: “This week will see a range of new opportunities for Leos, especially at work. For those who trust in manifestation or visualisation techniques, put them into action on Monday. A fresh burst of motivation within yourself will be contagious with those around you, and getting tasks completed will be enjoyable. Friday will see a valuable opportunity to be introspective.”

Virgo: 23rd August – 22nd September: “This week is the perfect time to take action and make the changes in your life that you have been considering. Be open to opportunities to improve your life and take them when offered.

“Within a short period of time you will be complimented on the difference in your appearance and attitude, and this will snowball. Trust the positive reactions of those around you.”

Libra: 23rd September – 22nd October: “Librans should exercise care this week, especially when it comes to matters concerning the home – or more accurately, the land surrounding the home. Dealings with others could prove difficult at the weekend, and whilst you feel that you shouldn’t have to, being a little more flexible than usual could be your best option.

“When memories of your childhood bring a smile to your face, be sure to share them with those closest to you. It will open up new lines of communication.”

Scorpio: 23rd October – 21st November: “After a lengthy period of self doubt that you have managed to keep hidden from those around you, life is finally back on track. Take time to reflect on the difficult decisions you have made, and congratulate yourself for choosing the journey that wasn’t easy.

“You are certainly a better person because of it. Fate may try to deliver one final surprise midweek, but the past has proven that you can handle this.”

Resident fortune teller Stuart Cassels.Resident fortune teller Stuart Cassels.

Stuart says Scorpios are about to get their lives back on track -Credit:ABNM Photography

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 21st December: “Your childlike enthusiasm and need for adventure this week will see you getting into a sticky situation. At the time it might be embarrassing, but I’m sure you’ll laugh about it in a few days.

“If you are not alone at the time, be mindful that even trusted friends can be tempted to exaggerate the details, so best to make sure you get your side of the story out there first and own that lapse in judgment with a smile.”

Capricorn: 22nd December – 19th January: “As your past revisits you, you may have feelings of regret and a sense of being held back by your previous choices in life. You shouldn’t have to look too far to discover a solution to your worries, and sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

“Give yourself some time and space to appreciate all the positives you have in life, and you might surprise yourself.”

Aquarius: 20th January -18th February: “Many Aquarians will be very aware that a significant date looms on the calendar. So this week is an ideal opportunity to let financial and career matters take a back seat, and concentrate on changes you want to make at home or within your relationships.

“As the week moves on you are likely to be met with some resistance to a particular plan, and your initial reaction will be to rebel. There are better ways to achieve your goals, and you should concentrate on long term rather than short term plans of action.”

Pisces: 19th February – 20th March: “Wednesday will bring a desire for some solitary time, which may surprise those around you. It will be the perfect chance to gain some perspective and see things from another’s point of view.

“With some fresh insight, consider spending Thursday in a productive manner, clearing out anything in life that is holding you back – both physically and mentally. Aim to clear your desk of any outstanding jobs by Friday for a trouble free, fun weekend.”

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