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What’s happening: today’s cazimi Mercury makes for a day of major conversations, important news, and big “aha!” moments. If there’s anything you need to say, say it now, because things get very hazy and unclear when Venus squares Neptune on Sunday -especially because Mercury squares Neptune right afterwards. On Monday, Mercury and Venus hold hands as they both slide into Cancer, giving you depth to your relationships and a more emotional way of thinking. Neptune gets hit by another rough square on Thursday, this time with the Sun, and then, Cancer season begins.

What that means for your star sign

There’s a lot of talking this weekend — but not a lot of doing. This weekend is all about focusing on how you communicate with others. What do you want from your love life? Serious romance? Something casual? Figure it out, then get your rear in gear! If you just want to hook up with people, don’t lead them on — just tell them you want to bang! If you’re looking for someone to stick around, maybe don’t consider the person whose first Hinge message was “u dtf?” Use your brain.

All of this Gemini energy has been blah. You’re an earth sign, so you don’t always have the easiest time vibing with air sign energy — but things are getting much better soon! Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all move into Cancer this week, taking on the water sign vibes that you vibe way better with. You’re noticing that it’s easier to share yourself with others. Sex feels more free, liquid, and smooth. You’re able to let your walls down and be vulnerable with others. This is a spectacular time if you’re single, because important conversations and new connections are coming into your life more easily. If you’re already coupled up, you’re getting to know your partner on a much deeper level.

The cazimi Mercury in your sign is screaming, ‘Say what you need to say!’ If you’ve been thinking about finally talking to your crush, defining the relationship with the person you’re dating, or having any other major conversations, the cazimi Mercury brings the perfect astrology to help. State your intentions now, because hazy Neptune’s influence makes it so both you and your special someone can start to feel confused, vague, or unsure later in the week. Don’t wait around! If there’s a change you want to make, start the conversation now. This could be a breakup, a makeup, or a “What are we and where are we going?” talk. On Thursday, Cancer season’s represents a commitment to the changes you initiate now.

There’s a lot of stressful planetary action happening in your chart this weekend. You’re receiving hella mixed signals, your significant other is being vague, and you’re likely to hear from an ex. My advice? Try to fly solo for the weekend and tune out the noise the best you can. Then, there’s some really great astrology coming just in time for your season. Venus and Mercury enter your sign on Monday, which helps you express yourself, feel more extroverted, and connect with others. It’s also an especially good time to show up, show out, and get all kinds of positive attention. If you’re single, Venus in your sign is helping you look good, feel great, and seduce someone sexy. If you’re taken, this is a great time to try some new things in bed. Happy birthday!

This weekend is a double-edged sword. On one hand, all of this Venus action, plus the cazimi Mercury, is amazing for meeting new potential lovers or growing closer to your partner by trying new things. But here’s the bad: All of the Neptunian astro is making things very unclear on Sunday and Monday. My advice? You should take advantage of the more pleasant astro while you can. Have a ball on Friday and Saturday before Neptune makes things hazy on Sunday and Mercury and Venus on Cancer put the breaks on your love life on Monday.

Neptune is making you uber emotional over the weekend and into next week. In fact, it’s tough for you to see things in your love life for how they really are. You might be romanticising someone or trying to convince yourself that your shitty situationship isn’t that bad (hint, hint: Yes, it is). This astrology could also spur avoidant tendencies in you — you’re afraid to commit, you’re paranoid and anxious, and you start thinking about everything that could go wrong. Here’s my advice: Try to be objective. Why are you sticking around with someone you know is mistreating you? Why are you afraid of your partner doing something to hurt you when they’ve never done that before? Luckily, there’s good news: All of the planets moving into Cancer during the week activate one of the best parts of your chart. This gives you a chance to easily make new connections if you’re single, and get closer to your relationship goals if you’re coupled up!

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Trying new things in bed is lots of fun. Hooking up with new people is fun, too. And this weekend, you’re getting the opportunity to do both. You’re feeling upbeat, extroverted, and adventurous, so finding someone to fool around with is easy. These transits have lots of potential for having a good time, but you have to be safe because Neptune’s acting a little shady in your chart’s zone of health/wellness. Remember, safer sex is sexy! These transits have potential to give you a wild ride — just make sure you’re wearing a seatbelt.

This weekend’s astro is all about Neptune. The hazy planet amplifies emotions, makes you feel more sensitive and crave deep, meaningful connections. If you’re taken, there’s marvellous potential for romance here. However! If you’re single, you’re feeling extra lonely, which could lead you to go looking for someone new. Here’s the thing: You’re very emotional and vulnerable right now. Jerks with not-so-great intentions are having a much easier time playing you, and you’re more likely to get led on. The good news is that once Cancer season begins on Thursday, you feel like your regular self again, and you’re having an easier time moving on from any players or manipulators you may have had to deal with.

You’re feeling that urge to run away! Whether you’re taken or you’ve been looking for love for a while, the single life is sounding pretty good right about now. That’s because Neptune is making you emotional, sensitive, and anxious, maybe even to the point of paranoia. Your sign is known for not loving commitment, and this astro could spur you to live up to that stereotype. This is not the week to cut someone off, even though you might feel a strong urge to hit the road. Know that your fear of being vulnerable or hurt is extra, extra strong right now. Wouldn’t it be real shitty to dump someone this week only to find yourself clear-headed next week, realising they weren’t really so bad after all?

Your love life has probably been slower than usual, because most of the astro-weather has been encouraging you to practice self-love. However, things are picking up the pace this week! Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all activate your chart’s relationships zone, and Cancer season = cuffing season for your sign. If you’re looking for love, finding someone new to forge a strong, healthy relationship with is easier now. If you’re just looking to hook up, this is a great time to start a drama-free FWB situation where you both know it’s just casual. If you’re coupled up, this is a time where you’re growing closer and closer with your person. Enjoy yourself! There’s a lot of fun coming your way.

There’s lots of planetary action going down in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun this weekend, and I suggest you take full advantage of it! First of all, this is a great weekend for snuggling up to your lover and becoming more intimate — physically and emotionally. If you’re single, you’re having an easier time finding dates and hookups. FYI: If you’re having casual sex, use protection! By the end of the week, several planets will be in Cancer, activating your chart’s zone of work and wellness, which is way less fun.

You’re feeling scared to be your authentic self right now. What if you’re too weird? What if people disagree with what you have to say? What if you’re completely unlikeable? Here’s the thing, Pisces. At the end of the day, you could be the plumpest, juiciest, most delicious peach in the world, but there are still going to be people that just don’t like peaches. You’re a catch, Pisces (pun intentional). Be yourself, and the people that like you, like you, and the people that don’t, don’t. Cancer season is all about having a good time, experiencing love of all kinds, and having really good sex. Get out there, stop doubting yourself, and have fun!

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