Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (24 – 20 May)

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ARIES: You may suddenly feel that your foundations need to shift to grant you more freedom, agency and enjoyment. Which aspect of your life have you outgrown without having realised it?

TAURUS: Some breaking news is coming your way. Keep your eyes peeled for juicy gossip about someone in your circle or a big personal revelation that both surprises you and shocks those around you.

GEMINI: You may suspect that you’ve sprouted wings, but you likely don’t know exactly where they’ll take you yet. You have plenty of time to figure that out, so all you need to do now is give them a test run.

CANCER: We like to see you leaping into the unknown, casting your old life behind — even if you do stomp your feet along the way. New collaborations may be an important part of your transformation.

LEO: The cosmos might throw a bit of instability into your career path, but this will show you that you have more options than you realise. Instead of seeing limitations, think of it as a chance for liberation.

VIRGO: What you bring to the workplace might be put to the test, but only to reaffirm your confidence in your skills and knowledge. Embrace the challenge; prove you know exactly what you’re talking about.

LIBRA: If you’ve been secretive about your emotions when it comes to intimacy, you might suddenly feel the urge to express your story in more detail, divulging the details you’d usually gloss over.

SCORPIO: It’s time to network outside your usual social circles. One conversation can spark a ton of ideas about how you want to take your goals and ambitions forward. So, what are you waiting for? Get talking.

SAGITTARIUS: No matter the length of your connections, they are in for a big renewal, a fresh lease of life. Inject some spontaneity into your relationships. Break them all apart and arrange them into something new.

CAPRICORN: Go hard on creative projects and workout classes. Even try experimenting with different work hours. The planets are trying to shake up your surroundings to wake you up from the outside in.

AQUARIUS: Focus your drive on the little things, like catching up with your WhatsApp messages, repotting your plants or making some homemade grub. When you’re done you’ll feel far less scattered.

PISCES: Your lazy girl era is finito. You feel ambitious, driven and ready for more. Use your social skills to get what you want. You’re not limited to one location, so plan your moves across the map

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