Love Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign On May 24

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Our hearts are on fire with the beautiful Sagittarius Moon working closely with Mars in Aries. Mars and the Moon fan the flames of excitement and adventure. We can learn something new about ourselves or an intimate partner, which makes initiating or accepting a last-minute change a wonderful idea. Let’s explore how the Moon, Mars and the Sun in Gemini impact our romantic lives this Thursday.

Love horoscope for each zodiac sign on May 24, 2024:


You are entering a new phase of self-love, Aries. This might be something you have to learn. The first step might be cutting out unhealthy things in your life, like relationships or habits. From there, slowly swapping them out for more life-giving and uplifting things. Be mindful of how things are affecting you and your personal growth.

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There is a time for everything, Taurus. Some things should wait to be shared until a further foundation of trust is built. You may be inclined to quickly touch certain areas with a new lover, especially if you have high hopes for someone. However, for the sake of wisdom and protecting your heart, resist the urge to do so before it’s time.

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A rich, long-lasting relationship is often built with someone who feels like your best friend. Today, remind yourself to build a friendship with your lover, whether new or old. That kind of relationship will keep the love going, even when the spark goes in and out.

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You are worthy of so much, Cancer, but learned tendencies from earlier in your life can withhold you. Today, I challenge you to build your self-love and respect by noticing any possible measures of self-sabotage or settling and acting accordingly. Setting clear boundaries can aid you here.

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You may have many thoughts and desires regarding your love life, Libra. Put them to paper through journaling. This can be therapeutic for you and help you to articulate exactly what you want so you can pursue it. If you are already in a relationship, this is a great time to create plans for the future, potentially involving marriage.

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You might have to learn or relearn what true love is, Leo. Some people who were supposed to have been loving could have misrepresented what it truly is. Healing any wounds can help you to discover the fullness and richness on the other side.

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You are on a unique path and journey, Virgo, which also comes with an individual timeline. You may find that even after trying something like a relationship, it doesn’t feel fitting to your current period of life; that’s okay. It might be time for you to take some time to enjoy the single season. Focus on your friendships, getting to know and bettering yourself. There is so much beauty and value here, too! Soak it up.

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It is wise to save for your future self, Scorpio. Today presents a great opportunity to look into what saving looks like for you and your partner. From unpredictable events to vacations, it is good to have some things stored away for a time of need. From this place, you can trust that things will work out as they are meant to.

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You don’t need the huge, dazzling things for romance to be fiery in your relationship, Sagittarius. It can be found and developed in the little things. Today, in your relationship, you and your partner can romanticize the small moments together. After all, the sole presence and friendship make it so special. From going on walks to enjoying food together, today, you can create happiness where you are.

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You may feel like you are set out for isolation, Capricorn, due to your recent experience, but this doesn’t have to be your story. There might be many people who are in your corner, potentially silent, but still full of love and care for you. Don’t hesitate to plan some quality time or be honest with them. You may find open arms and support are waiting for you.

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Life can be a lot, Aquarius, but there are also little beauties to enjoy along the way. Today reminds you to soak up quality time with friends and the sweet blessings in your life. Fall in love again with the human experience in purity. It can be easy for pain, hardship and darkness to trample that love, but even with the present, you can let your heart bask in gratitude and joy.

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You may find that its time to take the next steps for your healing and growth journey. Self-love follows a wide spectrum, and you may be ready to expand your horizons. This might look like therapy or investing in something for your physical health. Whatever the case, remember you are worth it all.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango’s Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.

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