Tom Brady couldn't be roasted by Boston native Matt Damon at his epic roast

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Matt Damon made a glamorous appearance at the 2024 Met Gala on May 6 alongside his wife, Luciana Damon.

Even though the gala’s theme was “Garden of Time,” Matt kept it simple with a classic black tuxedo and white collared shirt on one of fashion’s most exclusive nights.

When asked about his first-ever Met Gala experience, Matt revealed it was when Tom Brady hosted it back in 2017. When a Variety reporter questioned Matt about his absence at Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, he replied, “I’m here. I had to record a voiceover for the roast and be here.”

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Matt Damon is a huge fan of Tom Brady

Insisting on roasting Tom Brady, as many did the night before, Matt Damon couldn’t find a bad word to say about the former quarterback. “He’s the best. I can’t roast that guy. He’s too nice,” Damon remarked.

Even though Damon claimed he sent a voiceover to roast Tom Brady, people began to speculate over the internet that Netflix did not play it during the show.

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